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Only YOU can Make it HAPPEN!

“You just can't let life happen to you, you have to make life happen.” Idowu Koyenikan

2019 was truly a year of 'self care'... but ...

I don't mean a year of champagne and spa days with cucumber facials. 2019 was a year of unearthing pain, insecurities, doubt, ego, and facing fear HEAD ON!!

2019 came out the gate like a demolition truck destroying everything around me while leaving me fully exposed.

Exposed to my own TRUTH. Exposed to my own Failures. Exposed to my own Past.

2019 didn't wait for "Happy New Year" to leave my lips good before revealing that it would indeed be a "New Year", but it was MY responsibility to produce a "New ME".

2019 showed me how ugly things were on the inside. It showed me just how much I relied on others to affirm me and how dependent I had become, needing others approval and validation before following my dreams.

2019 showed me how insecure I really was and made me look deeper to find the "why" behind these insecurities. It challenged me to DIG through my suppressed feelings and unearth the failures and forgotten goals I had set. Like my goals to get an education which were placed on the backburner for 20 years!

2019 showed me that I DO NOT need anyone's attention, nor approval to become the best version of Ketra Richmond!

2019 showed me that at 38, I was NOT too old to obtain my GED and was NOT too embarrassed to let others know that I finally achieved such a LONG overdue task on my list!! *hands down my FAVORITE accomplishment of 2019*

2019 showed me that GRATITUDE is huge in manifesting your desires. And saying a simple heartfelt "thank you" daily unlocks something beautiful inside your soul which in turn projects outwardly to others in the most positive way!

2019 also showed me that I can't manifest a thing from my past depression nor future anxiety... That TODAY is all that's needed to create a better life and to make every single moment count!

But most importantly... 2019 has shown me that my lessons are not just for me to sit on. It showed me that each lesson is for the benefit of others! To prevent some from going down the same road of fear, anxiety, depression... and to help others out of it!

2018's pain and 2019's lessons helped me to form my non-profit And 2020 will lead me to help MANY WOMEN through get through hardships.

I REFUSE to believe that things are being done TO ME anymore... and if I'm ever down it's because I'M holding myself in that place!

I KNOW everything is working through me for the benefit of helping others.

Life is a school! This year ask yourself... What lesson am I learning from this experience? What knowledge am I gaining today?

Let's go 2020... I get it now, I'm ready for a NEW "school" YEAR!

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