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Reboot & Now You Back On...

If you got glitches in your life computer, turn it off and then reboot it, now you back on - Andre 3000

Think of your mind like a computer. When a computer has a virus and/or needs to be serviced there is an option to restore the malfunctioning system to the way it was prior to the virus occurring. Your mind can be re-programmed in the same way.

Think back to the moment prior to the virus (toxicity). This point is your point of restoration. From here you choose certain files (memories and milestones) that you want to carry into the new system restoration.

You must reprogram your sub

conscious fully to successfully heal and reboot. Learn to isolate the vengeance. Remember that the feelings you are putting behind WAS NOT love so you should not fear something that you have yet to experience.

Whenever fear creeps in, remind yourself that this 'thing' is not a threat anymore and you are not held to that life. You have a choice to live and feel better. Take the pain off of the pedestal you keep placing it on. It does not deserve a place in your life.

Although we cannot change what happened in the past, we CAN change the ways that our mind attaches to the memories. Don't deny that these painful moments happened. Unearthed your truth and address it appropriately! There is no need to allow this pain to remain as a thorn in your side. What we are suggesting is that you adjust the narrative to the story, and create a story which allows for more positive results. This in turn eliminates that constant weight that these past memories hold. This process allows for your subconscious mind to cope with issues it never had a chance to cope with in the past.

Get to journaling!

Write out your story creating your personal footprint of memories. Include the following:

1. Take yourself back to that painful moment(s)

2. Write out how that moment(s) made you feel

3. Write how you needed to feel in that moment(s)

4. FEEL yourself within the moment(s), but this time envision having the resources that you needed during that time.

You got this SIS!

Stop worrying about what your life would be IF these toxic things never happened to you. We cannot change the past nor the people who hurt us. We only have control over ourselves TODAY! And Today is ENOUGH to paint a better picture

“Heal, Don’t Hide”

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