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Part 1

Step 1: Decide to WRITE THE BOOK!

Step 2: Create an outline idea for your story

(What will your book be about? Who is your audience?)

Step 3: Create a timeline for your project

(When do you plan to complete your project? Determine how long your project will take from start to finish.)


Part 3


Step 7: Finalize final book edits

(If you are pleased with your final edits proceed to the formatting process.)

Step 8: Professionally format your book 

(This is the the moment when you decide how you would like your dream to be presented to readers. Will your book have graphics? Will it have color? Will it have bold effects? We suggest hiring a professional to format your book.)

Step 9: Create your cover art

(First impression can leave a lasting impression on readers. What type of impression are you looking to leave on your audience? What do you want on the cover? Is your book a memoir? If so, you may want to consider a photo shoot prior to creating your cover. We suggest hiring a professional to design the front, back, spine covers of your book.)

Part 2


Step 4: Create a rough draft version of your story

(Write it down, make it plain, create this version as closely as you can to the completed project as possible.)

Step 5: Use Microsoft word for your project

(Utilizing this program will make it easier to format your project later on.)

Step 6: Hire a professional editor

(No matter how much of a scholar you may be, it is highly recommended to have a professional to proof your project. You do NOT want to have to deal with errors in your completed project.)


Part 4


Step 10. Begin copyright process

(Register your final work electronically

Step 11. Purchase ISBN numbers

(Purchase ISBN numbers for each book format

ex: paperback, e-book, audio book etc. You canNOT publish your book without these unique identifiers. Unfortunately, these identifiers are not cheap. We suggest purchasing bundle packs vs. individual identifiers to save you money in the long run.


Step 12. Establish a publish date for your project

(Will you be launching your book immediately after completion? Do you plan to offer pre-orders for your project? You will need to decide what your publish date will be prior to publishing.)

Part 5


Step 13: Research & select publishing platform(s)

(There are several self-publishing platforms to choose from such as KDP, Ingramspark, and Barnes & Noble. Your publishing selection will depend on the type of exposure you are looking to gain with your project. You can use multiple platforms to publish your work. Please note there are specific tips you need to know when publishing your works to Ingramspark and another platform simultaneously.)

Step 14: Order a proof of your book

(After your book has been uploaded and approved for publishing, we suggest ordering a copy of your book to double check for errors prior to mass distribution.)

Step 15: Create your website

Website creation is especially important for promotional purposes. Even if you do not plan to sell books from your site, it is a great tool to have to market your project and promote yourself as an author.) 

Part 6


Step 16: Determine, target, and build your audience

(Who does your project speak to? You need to establish your target reader based on your books content.)


Step 17: Marketing

(There are several create ways to market your project. Do you like the idea of promoting your book through visuals such as a book trailer? How about via social media? What about a radio interview? Or "Social Influencer" reviews? Your marketing plan can make or break your sales volume.)

Step 18: Promote. Promote. Promote!

(Keep finding ways to promote your book. After all, you took time to produce your dream from the mental to physical realm. Go all out in a way that represents you and your project best. Utilize the help of bloggers, podcasters, and other influential personalities.)

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