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Shell of A Woman...

A Journey To Heal My Broken Pieces


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Ketra's Story

From Adversity to TRIUMPH!

Through trial and error, Ketra Richmond has learned how to not only "adjust", but to OVERCOME obstacles by looking within and choosing to understand her past.

Self-discovery and healing old wounds provide her with the ability to serve others, by uplifting all who she encounters in her daily walk through life. She takes pride in elevating self-confidence, self-love, and self-admiration in others.

As Founder of women’s non-profit 'Enough|Today', Ketra decided to use her platform to help restore mindsets by sharing her intimate and daunting personal journey through “Shell of A WOMAN...” 

Ketra has truly proven herself to be a jack of all trades and has made it her personal mission to create a legacy that she can pass onto her  daughter Jordyn her son Jay.

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 " I know this book is geared towards women. But as a grown man, I have to say this story brought me to tears as I read it. I am in a similar phase in my life right now. Everyone thinks I am strong but deep inside, my heart is weak. Thank you for your boldness and vulnerability."

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