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“Self-love” isn’t always pretty… self-love has to be FIERCE!

It takes a courageous and deliberate act of defiance, to win the war in our minds, against the past beliefs that make us think we are worthless or unlovable.


Shell of A WOMAN is a personal memoir by Author Ketra Richmond. The story lays out her journey after divorce, as she fights to win in life despite adversities; battling with depression, anxiety, trauma, financial crisis, codependency, and heartbreak.


Ketra learns how to understand herself by revisiting her past trauma and going on a learning mission to break down these generational confinements. She shares in a simple and easy to follow way how she healed each broken fragment of herself one piece at a time, by unlearning learned behaviors. She also teaches how reprogramming her subconscious to project and manifest a more positive outcome helped her along this journey.


Discovering and loving yourself is the most important assignment you will ever have. But no one else can do it for you, and until you learn to love who you are, and appreciate what gifts lie within, you cannot share your unique gifts with the world.


When you stand up for yourself by living your life to the fullest, you show others that it’s okay to do the same for themselves. Shell of A WOMAN is a roadmap, placing you on a special journey to find your shiny crown of self-worth and bravery to live your new life proudly and fiercely!

'Shell of A WOMAN' Signature Paperback

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